Shuihui Garden Spot [Nantong]

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Shuihui Garden Spot, situated in the northeast corner of Rugao Old City, Jiangsu, is one of national ancient gardens. It is composed of Shuihui Garden, Yiyuan Garden built in Wanli period of Ming dynasty and Gutan Garden built in Qing dynasty. It is a comprehensive garden area blending Bonsai Garden, Zoo and Children’s Playground.
The scenic area mingles poems, writings, zither, chess, books, paintings, antique and Chinese folk art forms into a garden, showing it is a 'literati park'. It has over ten excellent sights, including Selang Slope, Xiaowu Brook, Yimo Study, Hanbi Hall and so on, is the dwelling place of Mao Pijiang-one of four childes at the end of Ming dynasty and Dong Xiaowan—a famous charming woman of Nanjing. The park is misty and picturesque, like a quiet, elegant and beautiful painting of scenery.

Gutan Park displays excellent works of bonsai of past dynasties, such as meditation on the past in Stone Bridge and so on, especially the famous huge stone pine bonsai at the beginning of Qing dynasty.

Ticket: ¥20

Open Time:

Tel:0513-87514850, 87514330

No 16, at the side of West Park of Rucheng Town, Rugao City, Nantong, Jiangsu Province.

All the information is for reference only; if there was any change, please follow the information of the scenic spot.

Complaint call of Nantong City:0513-85098110
Complaint call of Jiangsu Province: 025-83418185
Complaint call of State Tourism Office: 010-65275315

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Enjoying a subtropical and warm temperate monsoon climate, Nantong has relatively moderate and favorable weather with enough sunshine, abundant rainfall and distinct seasons. Its average annual temperature is about 15 C. It is suitable for traveling all the year round, especially the spring.

Traffic Guide

Go around: Taking taxi to the spot is very convenient, the starting price is ¥7.
Drive: Down from Rugao Exit of Nanjing-Nantong Expressway, northward up along National Highway 204 to long-distance bus station via Yishou Road, Rucheng, turn right at Zhongshan Road to disc-spinning of Haiyang Road, turn left for 250 meters, turn right at Haibei Bridge reaching there

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